Steel Mill Services

True Grit Industries provides a wide variety of services to the steel industry. We are a recycling industry leader, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for scrap management, slag handling, and other support services to minimize waste streams and maximize value for our customers

We provide a comprehensive range of services for steel mill customers.  We partner with our customers to design custom, cost-effective solutions, which focuses on adding value and achieving goals for the operation and the environment. Our range of services includes, but is not limited scrap yard management, finished or semi-finished product services, melt shop services, logistics/transportation support, and slag processing.

True Grit Industries is a leader in the  industry, prioritizing recycling and environmental safety, and handling all operations with integrity,

Scrap Yard Management

Unloading and segregation of grades and commodities
• Inspection & testing
• Processing of unprepared materials using latest technology burning equipment, breaking and shearing.
• Inventory management
• Blending and recipe preparation
• Transportation to the furnace

Finished or Semi-Finished Product Services
• Sizing of slabs and billets
• Scarfing, machine, and manual

Logistics and Transportation
• Raw material transportation
• Semi/finished product transportation

Melt Shop Services
• Ladle maintenance
• Cleaning services

Slag Processing
• Slag pot carrying
• Under furnace digging
• Metal recovery
• Drop balling

True Grit has locations in multiple states ready to serve you. We are ready to provide services to your business, no matter where you are located. We provide custom programs that are focused on meeting our customers’ needs. To learn more about our services, contact us today. You may use our online form to write us a message, or call 1-888-9True Grit