Industrial Onsite Scrap Management Services

Past assumptions about how to deal with unused scrap metal and out-of-service equipment and machinery are outdated; Today, True Grit provide your operation with convenient, profit-saving capabilities, and environmental responsibility. We understand finding a scrap management solution is a top priority, and we are committed to providing you with the services you’re looking for.

We provide onsite services. Transportation of your scrap metal, including large pieces of equipment, tractors, trailers, construction machinery, and intermodal container, are never an issue. We provide:

• Scrap weighing (certified scales for accurate weighing)
• Scrap quality inspection
• Scrap storage and loading
• Scrap processing

Our scrap quality inspection services ensure scrap processing will not pose any dangerous risks for workers, as well as testing for radiation and radioactive material in scrap metals. Scrap processing including dismantling, decommissioning, crushing, lancing, baling, and shearing. We perform all onsite scrap management services with environmental impact and worker protections in mind.

In some cases, onsite separating of ferrous and non-ferrous materials is not possible. However, we still provide onsite scrap management services, arranging transportation and deconstruction of your equipment. We handle all logistics for you, and with our own fleet of cargo ships, railcars, trucks, and tow trucks it is convenient to move any scrap. We also provide bins or boxes or trailer placements, when needed.

Further, we staff a dedicated marketing team to create custom solutions to fit client needs. We provide a Customer Access System, where our clients can access real-time information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. When diverting waste product from the landfill, it is profitable for our clients. We purchase the scrap and provide on-time payments. We are a financially sound organization, with excellent credit and customer references.

We provide the best services in the industry

We want to help companies like yours responsibly manage your scrap metal waste. We handle all logistical aspects of scrap removal, and pay for your scrap metal. True Grit helps ensure optimized services, lower operating and waste reduction costs for your business, improved communications between your business and the scrap management company, and a faster response to emergency removal efforts.

Work with us today

We develop tailored, customized solutions for your operation. We help you maximize your ability to recycle metal materials, prioritize safety, and always work in compliance with regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We handle all aspects of the scrap management process, including obtaining permits and licenses for removal.

To learn more about why you should work with us, contact us today.