Power Plant Demolition & Decontamination

Demolishing and decontaminating coal-fired power plants, once a small part of the energy industry, has moved to the forefront in recent years, driven by the economics of cheap natural gas and the march of environmental regulation across the power industry.

As a leader in power plant demolition and decommissioning arena, TRUEGRIT has the experience to execute large-scale, complex decontamination projects as part of the demolition process. As always, our focus is on implementing the safest, highest quality, and most cost-effective solution to each project. The decontaminating of power plants typically involve aggressive schedules, require that assets be protected, and that environmental requirements met.

TRUEGRIT provides the following demolition and decontaminating services:

  • Total or Selective projects
  • Recycling & Asset Recovery
  • Structure & Foundation Removal
  • Scrap & Waste Materials identified and separated
  • On-site processing of concrete brick and asphalt
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Site Restoration
  • Dismantling & Decommissioning

Power Plant operators are presented with many challenges when dismantling and decommissioning a power plant. Typical demolition techniques are not feasible as the resulting debris most likely contaminated with toxic residues from years of operation and must be disposed of carefully and properly. Therefore, the level of experience and expertise of the engineers, supervisors and workers involved in the dismantling process is extremely important.

TRUEGRIT’S team of experts assist in the dismantling of your plant throughout the entire process by surveying safety areas and providing a safety plan. Additionally, a complete pre-planning guide is developed and put into practice from the beginning of the dismantling process to the final shutdown.

Understanding the requirements for proper disposal of material used in power plants, mandated disposal timelines and safety standards is also required. We work closely with local, state and Federal agencies to assure proper compliance and disposal.

Industrial Strip Out

Strip out means that nonstructural components and equipment are removed, allowing for existing floor space to be reused without demolishing and re-building the entire structure.
Strip outs allow owners the option of re-configuring floor space and satisfying new tenants or production needs.

Strip Out Services Include:

  • Paint Shops
  • Body Shops/Assembly Plants
  • Automotive Parts Distribution Centers
  • Commercial Applications

TRUEGRIT offers professional strip out for industrial and commercial applications. We can clear your space to make room for new machines, office space or any other application. Our experience in this area allows you to rest assured that your surrounding property will remain intact and in most cases operational while strip out is performed

Sustainable Demolition

approach to sustainable demolition includes a greater emphasis on how waste management and recycling can be achieved by best practice implementation of approaches for Materials Resource Efficiency (MRE) associated with demolition activities and with a decision making framework which promotes:

  • Building reuse
  • Deconstruction
  • Product reclamation and reuse
  • Recycling

Our protocol provides indices which allow targets to be set for the above on the basis of area, tonnage, volume, value etc.

Other features include:

  • Site waste management plans: demonstrates how our protocol supports local, state and federal compliance
  • Carbon benefits: describes how, through easily avoided haulage movements, these can be estimated easily
  • Checklist to simplify implementation

For a building/infrastructure considered to have reached the end of its useful life, TRUEGRIT takes a client and project management team through a process which ensures that the priorities of waste management and recycling have been considered and form a part of the decision making process.

The viability of approaches advocated by the waste management plan – in terms of cost impacts/benefits, health and safety, logistics and the potential to deliver wider environmental benefits (waste minimization being the first priority) will be considered when following this process.

We work closely with our client’s from the inception of the proposed demolition and/or reconstruction project to assure the most efficient asset recovery plan, as well as a sustainable impact on the environment.

Emergency Response

TRUEGRIT will coordinate with Federal Agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Emergency response demolition means that TRUEGRIT will respond to natural disasters ranging from tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes or crime scenes that deal with arson and collapsed multi-story buildings that fell due to a natural disaster.

Power Plant Conversion may be the best solution for plant operators
There is a growing trend in the utility industry to convert existing coal-fired power plants to burn other fuel types, such as biomass and natural gas. Conversion is being driven by a number of factors, including renewable portfolio standards; federal incentives and looming environmental regulations; consumer demand and environmental awareness. These factors combined with a new economic climate are making coal less attractive. Although conversion costs can be expensive, utilities already have the facilities sited and water supply and transmission lines established. Converting existing facilities can often cost less than installing the emissions control systems required to keep an antiquated coal plant running.

This experience can be beneficial to those facilities that want to convert rather than dismantle or demolish power plants. Contact us for more information.

Asset & Investment Recovery

By designing and implementing a site plan, we will identify hidden assets within a structure and provide physical removal of those assets with a proven system…

TRUEGRIT offers comprehensive demolition services for industrial and commercial projects, including salvage and asset recovery. If you require salvage of heavy manufacturing equipment, or even valuable materials, we can provide you with a plan to meet your goals and improve the cost of demolition.

Combining technical expertise and know how, with our understanding of code compliance, TRUEGRIT’S staff of experienced demolition professionals can provide the expertise to conduct industrial plant site decommissioning, including site demolition, asset recovery, environmental cleanup, and closure.

By designing and implementing a site plan, we will identify hidden assets within a structure, provide physical removal of those assets with a proven system to transport and monitize the materials removed. Our program will help you offset the cost of demolition by maximizing your return on investment.

You can count on TRUEGRIT technical competence, strong project management, the highest safety rating, and a high-level of quality control on all our projects. Our track record is proven, just ask our many customers.

Contact our Sustainable Demolition Team for more information