True Grit Scrap Metal Torching Services Across The U.S./Caribbean

The Future Of Metal Starts Here

When True Grit arrives at your service area, we have to inspect the area for materials and material commodities, along with the thickness, and inventory. From there we will talk about the services needed for your project. Each project requires it’s own specific needs which is why Torching. True Grit takes a thorough look into the location needing our services.

Oversized Metals Torching Breakdown

Torching Alliance can break down oversized items such as; barges, rail cars, heavy machinery, plate and structure, cranes, steel beams, and any ferrous material. As a company we have eliminated our clients oversized items swiftly and expertly.

Overview Of What We Do:

• A safety analysis of the area prior to providing any breakdown.
• During our analysis we will inspect the area for inventory and commodities to determine the rate for the project.
• Each project is different, which means the cost varies by client needs.
• True Grit is a safety endorsed company meaning we want the torchman/burners to ensure safety on the job.
• No matter the size of the project, with etiquette service provided for our torchman/burners this will ensure maximum production

Learn more about the difference in the torching industry and how we can assist your organization, today.